ASSET Ltd. can help you address your responsibilities as a duty holder by carrying out an Asbestos Survey of your premises, in which we will:

  • Identifying whether your premises contains asbestos, and, if so, where it is, the type, condition and extent of asbestos present
  • Assess the materials and assign risk scorings to identify priority of actions required
  • Provide recommendations to areas of risk to ensure such areas are made safe either through removal, environmental clean or encapsulation
  • Where materials are of low risk, make a plan of how you can manage that risk and act on it, i.e. an Asbestos Management Plan

A typical asbestos survey will include the following:

  • Recommendations for remedial action or management of the asbestos issues found during the survey
  • An Asbestos Register
  • A Photographic Register detailing extent, product type, level of identification (presumed, sampled), asbestos type, accessibility, damage and surface treatment of the material,
  • A Risk Assessment scoring the level of risk of the ACM based on product type, extent of damage, surface treatment, asbestos type, location of the material, extent of material and the use of the area
  • A Sample Location Plan of the premises, locating the ACMs and any non asbestos materials sampled
  • A copy of the sample report (from our UKAS accredited lab)

ASSET can offer you two types of asbestos survey, or a combination of both

Management Survey

Required during the normal occupation and use of the building to ensure continued management of asbestos-containing materials in situ.

Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

Required when the building (or part of it) is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished. As a result, this level of survey is a lot more intrusive and destructive than the Management Survey, as its purpose is to locate all ACMs, that may be present, including within voids, which may be encountered during refurbishment and demolition works.